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    AOBag collection point

    Using social media to recycle in China

    انخفاض معدلات إعادة تدوير المخلفات في الصين
    تجميع المخلفات بالاستعانة بوسائل التواصل الاجتماعي مع تقديم حوافز مالية
    • إدارة المخلفات
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    • الصين
    • Truck with AOBag
      About the company

      aobag.com uses social media to encourage recycling by recording how much users recycle and giving them a cash reward. They aim to improve the overall recycling rate in China by providing a complete service, both online through social media and offline with recycling bags and community drop off points for recycling. This model makes recycling simple and rewarding for the user, while also making Recyclable waste easier to collect and transport to the sorting centre. Established in 2017, aobag.com has recruited more than 200 organisations and over 30,000 users who have recycled more than 440,000 kg of waste.