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    Night shot of Terminus building
    Terminus and Expo 2020 Dubai robots
    Bringing our AIoT-powered robots to Expo 2020

    Terminus is a leader in technological innovation. We take pride in the fact that we coined the term AIoT (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things) in China, and are delighted to share our technology with the world. Whether you interact with our robots, make use of our various AIoT powered devices or explore our AI CITY, we ask of you only one thing: Enjoy! - Victor AI, Founder & CEO, Terminus Group

    About Terminus

    Terminus creates exceptional AIoT (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things) and robotics solutions for a brighter future.

    • Robot icon
      Powerful Robotics

      AIoT-powered to enhance interactive experiences

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      Intelligent Results

      Providing solutions to global challenges

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      Future Technology

      Building advanced AIoT ecosystems

    Die Expo 2020 dankt ihren Partnern für ihre Unterstützung


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