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    Expo Generation Programme

    A once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity and international exposure

    The Expo Generation Programme, earlier known as ‘Expo Academy’ offers 350 UAE Nationals a unique opportunity for fast-track management and leadership skills training, prior to taking up pivotal roles within the Expo 2020 team.
    • Limited spaces available

    • Fast-track training programme

    • Paid from day one

    • Contributing to the UAE’s youth legacy

    Expo Academy | The Expo Generation Programme


    The Expo Generation Programme aims to leverage the unique opportunity that Expo 2020 provides by training UAE National graduates to become high-calibre professionals capable of leading, operating and delivering mega-events. Those taking part in the programme can use this experience in the future to benefit both themselves and the UAE.

    The selected 350 UAE Nationals will undergo an intensive and comprehensive six-week training programme, before being assigned to entry level operation and management roles where they will also receive on-the-job experience. After graduating, they will go on to help lead and run the operation of Expo 2020.

    The Expo Generation Programme: building a legacy of UAE youth.

    • Foundation

      Providing strong learning foundations, in-depth knowledge and international exposure

    • Technical

      Developing transferable skills to take forward into future careers

    • Mega

      Gaining operational management experience in delivering mega-events

    • Leadership

      Developing specialised knowledge and leadership skills

    • - Staatsangehörige der VAE im Alter von 18 bis 35 Jahren
    • - Abiturienten, Absolventen mit Diplom- oder Bachelor-Abschluss
    • - Abgeleisteter Wehrdienst
    • - Gute Beherrschung der englischen Sprache

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