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    singapore pavilion

    Singapore Pavilion

    It is hard to tell where nature begins and architecture ends

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      Architekt WOHA
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      Lage Sustainability District
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    Nature. Nurture. Future.

    Showcasing Singapore’s urban innovations, the net-zero energy pavilion designed by WOHA explores our journey towards liveability and resilience.

    Quick facts

    • Land area

      722.5 square kilometres

    • Population

      5.6 million

    • Official languages

      English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil

    • Singapore Pavilion - Expo 2020 Dubai

      One of 3 city-states in the world, Singapore thrives as a compact yet sustainable and liveable city. 85% of the population lives in high-rise public housing, with 8 in 10 homes located within 10 minutes’ walk from a park. One such park space is Singapore’s 1st UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is located just 5 minutes away from the iconic Orchard Road shopping belt, named after the plantations that lined it during the 1940s.

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