Expo 2020 Dubai’s platform to showcase projects that have provided tangible solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. It will highlight simple but effective initiatives, which localise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and can be adapted, replicated, and scaled to achieve an enhanced global impact.

Proposals will be accepted from 26 November 2018 to 20 March 2019.

Our Focus Areas

The programme calls for projects related to five priority development topics and touching on at least one cross-cutting theme and enabler for development.

Best Practice Programme

Resilient habitats
Better protecting human, economic and natural assets in urban, rural and fluid environments (informal, nomadic, post-disaster, emergency & refugee settlements).

Best Practice Programme

Livelihoods & enterprise development
Promoting alternative employment and income opportunities, women in the workplace, competitive products and services, and improved market access.

Best Practice Programme

Social development
Reliable, affordable and appropriate healthcare and education systems and delivery.

Best Practice Programme

Water, food & energy security
Smarter consumption and resource management to better meet increasing water, food and energy requirements for a growing global population.

Best Practice Programme

Inclusive & sustainable service delivery
Reliable service provision in urban, suburban and rural areas, as well as in fluid environments such as informal, nomadic, post-disaster, emergency, and refugee settlements.


The Programme seeks to enhance visibility of best practices for a better 2030, and bring stakeholders together to chart action for greater results, at a global platform that will see 25 million visits and worldwide media attention.

Best Practice Programme

Sustainable Impact
Demonstrate sustainable and tangible impacts (social, economic, environmental) of projects from around the world.

Best Practice Programme

Create points of connection between people, partners, communities and countries so project impacts can be adapted, replicated or scaled.

Best Practice Programme

Facilitate and encourage partnership and cooperation between relevant stakeholders.

Best Practice Programme

Use of art, film, storytelling, music or other media to communicate projects creatively.


Apply to Expo 2020’s Global Best Practice Programme to enhance visibility of your projects and coalesce stakeholders around solutions to chart action for greater results, at a global platform that will see 25 million visits and worldwide media attention.

  • Have your projects spotlighted on-site and online during the Expo between 20 October 2020 and 20 April 2021
  • Be invited to the Expo site to present your project results
  • Get communications and media coverage for your project prior to and during Expo
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