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20 October 2020 - 10 April 2021
    Expo 2020 | Messi

    Supporting Unity & Collaboration

    The world is better when we act together
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    Expo2020 | Letter
    Messi's upcoming visit to Expo 2020
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    • Expo 2020 - Welcome the future

      Marvel at the falcon-inspired UAE Pavilion

    • Expo 2020 - Welcome the future

      Venture through the Mobility Pavilion’s city of the future

    • Expo 2020 - Welcome the future

      Explore Space Week and the UAE’s plans to go to Mars

    • Expo 2020 - Welcome the future

      Make a date to co-create – write poetry aided by A.I. at the UK Pavilion

    • Expo 2020 - Welcome the future

      Discover gaming and exercise merging into new forms of fitness

    • Expo 2020 - Welcome the future

      Experience virtual reality on the go

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    Connecting communities, creating joy

    Through teamwork and play, we set out to spread our message of unity and collaboration.
    Our definition of unity and collaboration

    Expo 2020’s theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the future’ embodies collaboration and offers a platform to co-create for the benefit of all. Expo Programs such as Expo Live, Expo Schools program, and exhibitions from 190 nations will deliver an optimistic message of unity and collaboration. The challenges the world faces affect everyone and we want to inspire people, partners and nations to come together to create a better future.

    • Expo 2020 | Pillars

      Caring societies build a foundation of shared values and giving back. Volunteering rewards both the giver and the recipient.

    • Expo 2020 | Pillars
      Practice Tolerance

      Embracing a culture of acceptance of others, and rejection of discrimination, is the mark of personal, corporate and national development.

    • Expo 2020 | Pillars
      Empower others

      Through our collective effort, we can enable opportunities that help in shaping better futures for all.

    • Expo 2020 | Pillars
      Be innovative

      A cornerstone of social and economic development, innovation is required to solve global challenges and create opportunities.

    • Expo 2020 | Pillars
      Spread Happiness

      Happiness is the satisfaction that comes from leading a fulfilling life and appreciating the things that warm your heart and make you smile.

    Collaboration in practice

    The close relationships we enjoy with our partners is testament to our collaborative philosophy and examples of our partners’ work in this field offer inspiration for all.

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