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    5 cutting-edge innovations

    That’ll make you say weird phrases

    • Expo2020 - 5 Cutting Edge
      Old MacDonald had a…drone?

      Agricultural drones fitted with cameras will make it easier for farmers to monitor and protect their crops.

    • Expo2020 - 5 Cutting Edge
      I only do vintage economy

      Traditional practices like bartering and repurposing old items are getting tech-powered makeovers to create a fairer, more resourceful future.

    • Expo2020 - 5 Cutting Edge
      Just plug it into the window

      Transparent solar cells can turn any window or sheet of glass into a means of harvesting clean energy.

    • I have an exoskeleton in the closet

      Long seen in sci-fi movies, exoskeletons can reduce workplace injuries, enhance sport experiences and lend robotic strength to people with physical limitations.

    • Expo2020 - 5 Cutting Edge
      Cash me if you can

      It’s hard to think of many financial transactions nowadays you can’t do online or through an app. Is cash becoming a thing of the past?

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