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    Al Wasl Opera

    In a cultural milestone for the UAE, Expo 2020 Dubai has commissioned an Emirati opera

    About the opera

    A thousand years of culture will be brought to life through the Al Wasl Opera. Sung in English, audiences will be captivated by a story centred on unity and connectivity. Since time immemorial, our values have connected us, binding the UAE as a nation and a connector between civilisations. This continues to be the thrust of our progress into the future and will be revealed to the audience through the art of storytelling. The two-hour performances will let you experience the true spirit of connection.

    The people behind Al Wasl Opera

    Combining Emirati and global talent, Al Wasl Opera is produced in collaboration with Welsh National Opera. More than 100 artists and musicians, and a production team of 70 professionals are coming together to celebrate the best global operatic talent.
    A black and white portrait of Al Wasl Opera Composer Mohammed Fairouz
    Mohammed Fairouz - Composer
    “There is nothing more universal than opera and the theatre to bring people together. I figured that if people can laugh together and cry together, then anything is possible between them. They know one another in that moment.”

    Meet Mohammed
    Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy
    Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy

    UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director General of Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau

    “We wanted to create something new for Expo 2020 Dubai that reflects the dynamic, diverse and tolerant nature of contemporary UAE and our deep-rooted culture and heritage. A landmark opera, which supports the UAE’s flourishing arts industry, is the perfect way for us to do this.”

    Education and outreach initiatives

    Opera | Expo 2021 Dubai
    Opera workshops for school children
    The world-renowned Welsh National Opera has specially designed accessible opera workshops for primary/cycle 1 students.

    Learn more
    A group of children happily singing as part of a concert in the desert
    Nasheed Al Wasl
    Making Al Wasl Opera open and accessible to children, Nasheed Al Wasl is a 30-minute children’s choral concert accompanied by a professional orchestra that will be performing at Expo 2020 Dubai.

    Learn more
    Opera | Expo 2021 Dubai
    Atelier 2020
    Take a world-class specialisation course in costume design. The course is the first of its kind to be conducted in the region and was created in collaboration with Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI).

    Register for Costume Design at DIDI.

    Learn more

    Opera experiences at Expo 2020

    A group of children happily singing as part of a concert in the desert
    Nasheed Al Wasl
    Hear Nasheed Al Wasl performed at Expo 2020 by 250 children accompanied by a professional orchestra. When Expo 2020 opens, visitors will be treated to a series of 30-minute performances inspired by Al Wasl Opera.
    Opera | Expo 2021 Dubai
    Opera 360
    Step into a 360-degree immersive experience that complements the Al Wasl Opera performances at Al Forsan Park. See and hear what it's like to get behind the scenes.
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