Remaining Time

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    Visual Arts

    How we see the world, constructed in our imagination

    An independent curator based in Brussels. Tarek started his career as art director and theatre scenographer in Cairo. His recent curatorial work include DisOrientation, House of World Cultures, Berlin (2003); Windows (multidisciplinary festival of contemporary arts.) in Minia and Cairo (2004); Roaming Inner Landscapes, Alexandria (2004) and the 9th Sharjah Biennale in 2009 titled “Past of the Coming Days”, the annual performance event Durub Al Tawaya in Abu Dhabi (from 2013 to 2018). Tarek’s recent curated exhibitions include Home Works 6 in Beirut 2013, "Lest the Two Seas Meet" at MoMA Warsaw in 2015, “The time is out of joint” in Sharjah and Gwangju 2016, “Captive of Love” in 2017 and “Rituals of Signs and Metamorphoses” in 2018 at the Red Brick Museum in Beijing.
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