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    Global Optimism Outlook Survey

    Optimism and human connections create a better future.

    Half full or half empty? What if we looked at things in a different way and changed the narrative to find creative solutions to make it overflow instead?
    Just like the crow in Aesop’s fable who dropped pebbles into a jug until the water level rose high enough for him to drink, humanity has been brilliant in finding ways to progress towards creating a better future together.

    But with all the global challenges that we face, how exactly do people across the world feel about their future, on an individual, national and global level? It turns out that the world is more optimistic than you might think.

    According to the Global Optimism Outlook Survey, a survey commissioned by Expo 2020 Dubai, there’s a lot of optimism about what is yet to come and 89 per cent of people surveyed feel that it is down to individuals and communities, rather than governments and huge corporations, to unlock and shape those future opportunities.
    What we looked at
    As the world’s first index focused on tracking and driving global optimism levels through environmental and social change, the Global Optimism Outlook Survey covered subjects such as technology, travel, and climate change, which are linked to Expo’s three key subthemes: Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.
    • 20,000
      People surveyed
    • 18-64
      Years of age
    • 23
      Countries in 6 continents
    What we found
    So, just how optimistic is humanity? Scroll through the global results to find out.

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    All of this just goes to show that no matter the demographic, nationality, age or gender, there’s one thing that truly binds us all: our desire to create a happier, more inclusive, cleaner planet.

    When working together and more connections create lasting impact

    Dreaming about things that are possible is one thing, making it a reality and inspiring meaningful action is another. And this is already happening at Expo 2020 with our Expo Live Grantees. Celebrate how far humanity has come, read about the people who are coming together to make the glass overflow, and join us in building a brighter tomorrow for future generations. It seems like there’s a lot to look forward to.