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    Belarus Pavilion

    A forest experience highlighting lessons that humanity can learn from the natural world


    • Engagement

      A gift shop selling Belarusian goods and souvenirs

    • Partnership

      Live performances by national folk and dance groups

    • Impact

      An interactive “Tree of Mind” installation

    Discover how nature and technology can help us grow together
    Belarus is exploring the themes of innovation, investment and the individual at its pavilion, which recreates the look and feel of the nation’s primeval forests.

    And, just as trees in a forest grow stronger and live longer when they stand together, the experience will invite visitors to collaborate with one another to ensure we share a better future together.

    As well as encouraging visitors to connect minds for the greater good, Belarus will showcase its high-tech creations, sustainability initiatives and opportunities to invest.
      NÜSSLI Adunic AG

      Opportunity District

    • THEME
      Forest of Future Technology

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