Emirates Pavilion

    Rich visitor experience planned around future of air travel


    • Engagement

      Create and configure their ideal aircraft of the future

    • Partnership

      Learn the science behind flight

    • Impact

      Get to know the fuselage of tomorrow

    A glimpse into the changing world of commercial aviation
    Emirates Pavilion was designed to reflect the dynamic lines of aircraft wings ready to take flight. The 26 slanted architectural fins that cover the entirety of the pavilion will hold over 800 metres of LED lights to create multi-sensory effects and movement across the structure, showcased by lightshows during every night of Expo.

    The latest fabrication technologies, building techniques and sustainable design elements will be used such as integrated solar arrays, sustainable off-site construction, responsive solar shading and a verdant landscape on both the inside and outside of the Emirates Pavilion.
      Alessandro Ripellino Arkitekter, Studio Adrien Gardère and Luigi Pardo Architetti

      Sustainability District

    • THEME
      Co-Creation for Innovation

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