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    New Zealand Pavilion

    A pavilion designed to inspire connections

    • Learn about kaitiakitanga and be inspired to Care for People and Place.

    • Experience New Zealand’s culture and values, cuisine and design throughout the pavilion and its restaurant.

    Explore the strands that connect all life, and the oneness of people and the environment
    The New Zealand Pavilion’s theme reflects the Maori value of ""kaitiakitanga"", which emphasizes the deep kinship between people and the environment.

    The island nation’s indigenous culture is also highlighted through the pavilion's architecture, with a design that illustrates ""waka taonga"", the Maori tradition of using handcrafted containers to safeguard valuable items. In this spirit, the pavilion serves as a receptacle for New Zealand’s essential values.
    • THEME
      Care for People and Place


      Sustainability District

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