USA Pavilion

    This pavilion’s inventive design makes it appear to be in motion


    • Engagement

      An exploration of future life on Mars

    • Partnership

      A city of the future, solving challenges such as traffic and utilities

    • Impact

      Medical technology of tomorrow, including 3D printed organs

    Experience a high-speed transport system of tomorrow
    Innovations in Mobility that could help to usher in the future are presented at the USA Pavilion, whose very design projects the sensation of movement.

    The hyperloop, which uses vacuum technology to transport passengers at ultra-fast speeds, will be showcased alongside other physical, digital and socio-economic advances. The nation’s abundant culture will also be on show, from dance and literature to music and gastronomy.
    • THEME
      What Moves You? The Spirit of Mobility

      Curtis W. Fentress

      Mobility District

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