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    Sustainability District

    As you explore the Sustainability District, you’ll see some of the world’s most advanced technology in action, what countries are doing to champion sustainability, and experience how the human race can enjoy living in harmony with nature in a high-tech future.

    • Sustainability
      Sustainable Surroundings

      Stroll beneath solar energy and water condensing 'trees', alongside water flowing through traditional 'falaj' irrigation channels.

    • Sustainability
      Hammour House

      Explore the coral reefs that hammour fish consider home from the unexpected viewpoints of artists, scientists, schoolchildren and fishermen.

    • Sustainability
      District Stage

      Watch cultural shows, music performances, dance and theatre in a large outdoor area that can accommodate up to 300 people.

    • Oval
      Sustainability Pavilion

      As you wander through forest roots and dive into ocean depths, discover the global projects providing real life solutions to help preserve our planet for future generations and how you can play a part in creating a more sustainable planet.

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