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    Grante - Attollo | Expo 2020 Dubai

    Improving pre-school literacy with Talking Stickers

    One of the keys to closing the large gap between the literacy rates of rich and poor is to start young.

    It may come as no surprise that those in poverty are less well educated than the wealthy, but what is alarming is the extent that differences in pre-school education continue to affect learning and employment later in life.

    With this in mind, Attollo SE created the low-cost system of Talking Stickers, which use QR codes that link to audio content on a mobile app to give a boost to pre-school literacy. The programme complements traditional teaching methods and encourages parental involvement at home, an important factor in improving ability.

    Attollo SE is part of the UNICEF and World Bank led Early Childhood Action Network to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2030. Early childhood development (ECD) has been identified as a highly effective way to improve overall education levels, with a high social return on investment (SROI). A study on increasing pre-school enrolment in 73 countries found higher future wages of $6 – $17 per dollar invested, indicating potential long-term economic benefits ranging from $11 to $34 billion.

    While the majority of Talking Stickers programmes are in India, the versatile system is also in use in Canada and Tajikistan, and can be easily adapted for other countries. The Expo Live Innovation Impact Grant Programme will help Attollo SE to expand their programmes and bring the benefits of Talking Stickers to many more children.