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    Kabadiwalla Connect - Expo Live

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

    For many people in developing countries, manual recycling of waste is a vital source of income.

    A large proportion of waste recovery and processing in developing cities is driven by the informal sector. In other words, individuals take the initiative to find trash, such as plastic, sort through it and sell the recyclable materials.

    However, this organically-formed system is far from perfect, as municipalities and waste management companies struggle to work effectively with these stakeholders. Until Kabadiwalla Connect was born.

    The end-to-end solution helps everyone in the supply chain find each other and work together, from the waste-producing brands, through waste collection, sorting and processing.

    Rather than attempting to centrally control the process as in many cities, the system instead enables the many existing small and medium contributors to organize efficiently, so that they can reduce pollution.

    The Expo Live Innovation Impact Grant Programme will help Kabadiwalla Connect develop their B2C application further as well as build frameworks for households to manage their organic waste at home.