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    MeeTwo | Expo 2020 Dubai

    How tough is it being a teenager these days?

    For some, it’s the best years of their lives, but for others, it can be a deeply depressing time full of insecurity.

    Seeking help for anxiety brings its own set of worries. Will people judge me or make fun? Will I seem weird? With most people using social media to show the world an idealized version of themselves, a teen can feel like they are the only person having problems.

    How much of a role social media plays in the emotional state of teens is still up for debate, but where many see a problem, MeeTwo has developed a solution.

    The platform enables teens to communicate anonymously, with qualified psychologists moderating posts to filter out anything potentially harmful or negative. This creates a safe and supportive space where teens can express their frustrations, discuss their problems and insecurities, while receiving support from peers and professionals to build confidence and wellbeing.

    With help from an Expo Live Innovation Impact Grant, MeeTwo plans to incorporate artificial intelligence with machine learning to increase the efficiency of the human moderation, enabling MeeTwo to expand the platform to offer support to over 100,000 teens.