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    Expo 2020 | Nuru Energy

    How selling light to your neighbours can brighten their lives

    It’s hard to imagine how your life would be if your day ended when the sun went down, but that’s the reality for millions of people in developing countries without access to electricity.

    Being able to continue to function after sunset has been shown to drastically improve lives. Students are able to study, work can be completed more efficiently and simply moving around the village at night is made safer.

    Not only does Nuru Energy offer a sustainable lighting solution, it has an entrepreneurial business model that helps incentivize people to expand the reach of the programme. Members of the scheme receive a solar panel and charger which can be used to recharge torches and other USB devices like mobile phones.

    The micro-entrepreneurs charge a small fee each time they recharge a device, which is much less than the cost of disposable batteries, and also reduces the battery waste to landfills.

    In addition to increased productivity and quality of life, the Nuru Energy programme keeps a portion of the local economy within the community that would otherwise go to a power company or battery manufacturer, and introduces a valuable new service to the neighbourhood.