Remaining Time

    Selina Wamucii | Expo 2020 Dubai

    How does your food really get from the farm to your table?

    Farmers in Africa face many challenges, but one of the biggest problems can be finding a buyer for their crops.

    It’s harvest season, it’s been a fertile year, and now you have a bumper crop of freshly picked produce. But it won’t stay fresh for long. And nobody’s buying, not even the worst middlemen offering rock bottom prices are interested. If you can’t sell soon, your crop will go to waste, and so will all the hard work and money invested in it.

    Typically, the process of selling crops involves one or more middlemen, who set prices and take the lion’s share of the profits. But amazingly, even with this lucrative trade for middlemen, a large amount of produce just never gets to market, which is disastrous for a farmer’s livelihood.

    Now Selina Wamucii is beginning to change the situation for smallholder farmers in Kenya's rural areas by giving them direct access to the market.

    This empowers farmers to be able to line up buyers during the growing season before the crops are harvested, giving them security and making the whole logistics chain more efficient. Smallholder farmers growing the same crop in the same area can be grouped together so that they can collectively supply larger customers, who usually wouldn’t be interested in dealing with many smallholders to fulfill a single order.

    With help from an Expo Live Innovation Impact Grant, Selina Wamucii is able to add new features to their service and accelerate their growth to reach more farmers and help them improve their futures.