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    Imagine adding an extra zero to your salary!

    Thailand is the number one rice exporter in the world, but its farmers are among the poorest in the world.

    Peetachai ‘Neil’ Dejkraisak, Co-founder and CEO of Siam Organic set out to create a successful business that improves the lives of some of the poorest farmers, starting with the innovation of Jasberry rice, a nutrient-rich variety that’s promoted as the world’s healthiest rice.

    Siam Organic developed the seed, gave it to the farmers, and trained them on how to grow the rice. The results have been nothing short of inspirational. Over 2,500 farmers were helped in 2018, earning up to 11 times more they had previously while also keeping 25% of their crop for themselves.

    If you think about what adding a zero to your paycheck would be like, you can imagine the life-changing difference it has made to thousands of farmers and their families. For every dollar invested in the company, the social return for the farmers is $4.30.

    The Expo Live Innovation Impact Grant Programme helped digitize their paper-based system to collect farm data and livelihood information, to monitor their progress and find areas for further improvement. This new technology will enable Siam Organic to continue growing their business and helping even more farmers.

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