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    Join the journey to Expo 2020

    All the ways you can participate

    • Expo 2020 Dubai
      Global Best Practice Programme

      Shining a light on projects that are providing real solutions to the world's biggest challenges, in line with the globally-sourced Sustainable Development Goals, and with a view to expanding them elsewhere.

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    • Expo Live - Expo 2020 Dubai
      Expo Live

      Innovation can come from everywhere to anyone. The USD 100 million Expo Live programme offers funding, support and exposure to innovators globally whose creative solutions are making a difference to societies, the environment or both.

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    • Volunteers - Expo 2020 Dubai
      Expo 2020 Volunteers

      More than 30,000 volunteers will welcome the world as the 'face' of Expo 2020 Dubai. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet people from across the globe, make history and give back to the country you call home.

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    • World Majlis - Expo 2020 Dubai
      World Majlis

      Named after the traditional Arabic meeting space, the World Majlis is a series of global conversations. Current and aspiring thought leaders come together to share ideas and gain new perspectives on important topics for our future.

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    • Expo 2020 | Emiratisation Programme
      Expo Emiratisation Programme

      Designed to enable UAE nationals to play pivotal roles in delivering this exceptional mega event. The Expo Emiratisation strategy comprises key programmes that will help equip candidates with the skills and experience they need to benefit both themselves and the UAE.

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    • Schools - Expo 2020 Dubai
      Expo School Programme

      Connecting with students and teachers throughout the UAE, the Expo School Programme offers an engaging journey to Expo 2020 Dubai through fun and meaningful educational experiences.

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