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    A farmer working in the field at sunrise

    Livelihoods and enterprise development

    Projects around the world are providing the tools people need to improve their lives by promoting alternative employment and income opportunities, women in the workplace, competitive products and services, and improved market access.

    Take a closer look at our best practices

    • Ladies picking up garbage at the beach
      Global Plastic Waste Deposit and Tracking System, Empower | Norway
      Recycling plastic using blockchain

      Empower is building a digital solution to incentivise the collection of plastic waste and to track it throughout the supply chain.

      Empower website
    • Sustainable Growers
      Question Coffee 4 SDGs, Sustainable Growers | Rwanda
      Promoting women coffee farmers

      Sustainable Growers works to improve the livelihood of women farmers and their families by promoting local coffee consumption and barista training in Rwanda.

      Sustainable Growers website
    • The Mountain Partnership
      The Mountain Partnership Products Initiative, The Mountain Partnership | Peru
      Sustainable mountain agriculture

      The Mountain Partnership initiative builds local community resilience, increases access to markets and develops narrative labels that tell the product story and its role in local cultures, improving livelihoods of mountain communities and strengthening value chains.

      The Mountain Partnership website
    • Esoko
      Digital Farmer Service, Esoko | Ghana
      Smart agriculture via mobile phones

      Esoko's platform delivers rich localised agricultural content and market information to farmers via mobile phones and supports the digitisation of agricultural value chains and rural supply chains.

      Esoko website
    • Women in tricycle
      Electronic Rickshaw Services by Women for Women, UN Women | Nepal
      Women transforming e-rickshaw services

      UN Women provides sustainable, independent income and employment to returnee female migrant workers by training them to become licensed electronic rickshaw drivers and equipping them with entrepreneurship skills to run their own businesses.

      UN Women website

    Find out about the projects from our Untold Stories

    • A young girl in India studying on a tablet at night
      Digital Solar Night Schools, Barefoot College | India
      Learning by light of solar lanterns

      Barefoot College's 'Digital Solar Night Schools' project bring quality digital education to underprivileged children in remote off-grid communities who can't attend school during the day due to family responsibilities, such as farming. Many of the children have either continued into state-run secondary education or taken jobs in the local community.

      Barefoot College website
    • Group of people in the sea wearing snorkeling masks and assessing the reef
      Sustainable livelihoods in the Coral Triangle, ADB | Indonesia, Philippines
      Raising income levels of coastal communities

      The Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides sustainable livelihood alternatives to help people in coastal fishing communities rise out of poverty, while protecting natural resources including mangrove forests, seagrass beds and coral reefs.

      Asian Development Bank website
    • A group of forced migrants (returnees, deportees, refugees) in Mexico learning software engineering
      Hola<code/>, Hola Code | Mexico
      Empowerment through Coding

      Hola Code's 5-month immersive software engineering bootcamp is unlocking opportunities and creating empowerment for forced migrants (returnees, deportees and refugees) in Mexico.

      Hola<code/> website
    • Farmers sitting around a table, picking through cocoa
      The CECAQ-11 Co-operative | São Tomé and Princípe
      Producing Fair Trade cocoa beans

      The CECAQ-11 Co-operative produce cocoa for Divine's Organic chocolate range, providing farmers with a regular buyer and Fairtrade funds for community improvements.

      Divine Chocolate website

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