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    FUNDECOR (Agua Tica’s Technical Secretary)
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    FUNDECOR (Agua Tica’s Technical Secretary)

    Ensuring water quality and quantity in Costa Rica

    Water supply quality and quantity for the most populated area in Costa Rica.
    Best practice
    A collaborative partnership to ensure water in quantity and quality in the sub-watersheds of the Río Grande and Río Virilla and preserve the ecosystems.
    Focus area
    • Water, food and energy security
    • Costa Rica
    FUNDECOR (Agua Tica’s Technical Secretary)
    • Agua Tica is the first public-private and civil society water fund in Costa Rica

      Agua Tica, the country's first water fund, protects water sources in the sub watersheds of the Grande and Virilla Rivers, both of which feed into the Tárcoles River basin. Civil-society, public, and private institutions participate in this collaborative partnership.

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