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    An aerial view of a wetland constructed in the desert

    Water, food and energy security

    Looking after the basics – water, food and energy – for a growing global population through smarter consumption and resource management.

    Take a closer look at our best practices

    • Pupils from Bhutan queuing for meal
      Plus School Menus, World Food Programme | Bhutan
      Optimising school food menus

      The World Food Programme's online software helping to provide school meals for those in need by calculating affordable, nutritional school menus from locally sourced ingredients by smallholder farms.

      World Food Programme website
    • Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS)
      Eco Village, BEDS | Bangladesh
      Humans and nature in harmony

      The Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS) model eco village combines sustainable livelihoods and mangrove ecosystem conservation to reduce pollution and resource exploitation.

      BEDS website
    • Ya’axché Conservation Trust
      Cacao Agroforestry Concession, Ya’axché Conservation Trust | Belize
      Climate resilience through conservation

      Ya’axché Conservation Trust raised environmental awareness by creating a community-led partnership that co-manages Belize’s first cacao-agroforestry concession within a protected area.

      Ya’axché website
    • FUNDECOR (Agua Tica’s Technical Secretary)
      Agua Tica, FUNDECOR | Costa Rica
      Protecting Costa Rican water sources

      FUNDECOR ensures the quality and quantity of water in the sub-watersheds of the Grande and Virilla Rivers by creating the first public-private and civil society water fund in Costa Rica.

      Agua Tica website
    • Edible Garden City
      Citizen Farm, Edible Garden City | Singapore
      Building urban farms across cities

      The Citizen Farm project helps communities produce their own food sustainably and experience the direct benefits from gardening, by building urban farms on rooftops and under-utilised spaces.

      Citizen Farm website

    Find out about the projects from our Untold Stories

    • A Pakistani girl holding a glass of water
      Goats for Water, UpTrade | Pakistan
      Bartering livestock for equipment

      UpTrade helps low-income, off-grid households in water stressed rural communities by providing direct access to local markets where their livestock can be bartered for solar-powered water pumps.

      UpTrade website
    • Light-emitting device called 'Pisces' used by fisherment to prevent bycatch
      Pisces, SafetyNet Technologies | UK
      Catching fewer unwanted fish

      SafetyNet Technologies’ (SNTech) 'Pisces' is a light-emitting device that fishermen can retrofit to commercial fishing gear to attract the fish they mean to catch and repel other species.

      SafetyNet Technologies website
    • An aerial view of a wetland in a dessert in Oman
      NWTP, Petroleum Development Oman and Bauer Resources | Oman
      Treating waste water sustainably

      The Nimr Water Treatment Plant (NWTP) created a new ecosystem and a resilient environment by constructing a wetland in a desert, which is now a habitat for birds, fish and other wildlife.

      NWTP project (PDF)
    • Two fishermen on a boat with a fresh catch of fish in the Seychelles
      Sovereign Blue Bond, SeyCCAT and DBS | Seychelles
      Protecting ocean ecosystems and economy

      Seychelles’ Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) and the Development Bank of Seychelles (DBS) created the world's first sovereign Blue Bond, a financial instrument for marine protection and the ocean economy.

      SeyCCAT website

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