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    Sustainable Development Goals

    Global Best Practice Programme

    Shining a light on projects that are providing real solutions to the world's biggest challenges, in line with the globally-sourced Sustainable Development Goals, with a view to expanding them elsewhere.

    What is the Global Best Practice Programme?
    Expo 2020 Dubai’s platform to showcase projects that have provided tangible solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. It will highlight simple but effective initiatives, which localise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and can be adapted, replicated, and scaled to achieve an enhanced global impact.

    Applications for this programme have closed. If you still have a story to tell and would like to apply for the Untold Stories programme, please email your interest below.

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    Our Jury

    Our jury comprises a Chairing Committee and an Evaluation Committee with representatives from international development organisations from across the world.
    Evaluation Committee
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