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20 October 2020 - 10 April 2021
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    Secondment and Assignment programmes

    The Expo 2020 Secondment and Assignment programmes,
    Are targeting government and institutional staff in the UAE. They aim to attract 400 UAE National employees to perform their duties during the upcoming World Expo, which runs from October 2020 to April 2021. The programmes will provide opportunities for employees to participate in the first World Expo in the MEASA (Middle East, Africa and South Asia) region.
    Expo 2020 | Emiratisation Programme
    Secondment programme

    Under this programme, seconded employees will perform their mandated tasks within Expo 2020. These roles may continue until the final handover of the project, depending on the scope of work. The secondment duration ranges between 12-24 months and will end in April 2021.

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    Expo 2020 | Expo Academy
    Assignment programme
    The duration of the Assignment Programme will be considered as part of the employee’s period of service and will be also included in the calculation of the pension or retirement benefit.

    The Assignment Programme is endorsed and managed in partnership with Dubai Government Human Resources Department and is in line with UAE law.

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