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    Reducing food waste by extending its shelf life

    Around 1,300 million tonnes of food are wasted worldwide every year, generating pollution and greenhouse gases.
    An ecological solution based on fresh by-products which naturally extends the shelf life of fruits.
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      About the company

      Life Cover is an ecological solution, made from agricultural by-products from fresh produce, such as seeds and kernels, that extends the shelf life of fruits in the post-harvest stage. The solution benefits exporters and producers of fruits, reducing losses by up to 80 per cent and maintaining the quality of the fruits without using harmful chemicals in their packaging. The products have a doubly sustainable purpose - reusing organic waste and avoiding the rotting of foods, such as fresh fruit.

      Thanks to the engineering and scienctific knowledge recognised by the Royal Academy of the United Kingdom, Bio Natural Solutions created and patented a formulation based on fresh by-products such as peels and kernels.

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