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    Building affordable homes for low-income women

    Owning a home is nearly impossible for women earning less than USD8 a day. Uganda experiences an annual housing shortage of 1.3 million units, meaning demand outstrips supply.
    Provide low income women with a secure affordable home and key financial tools.
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    • Uganda
    • Uganda
    • Smart Havens Africa chairman

      Smart Havens Africa's technical innovation is a unique building technology that presses onsite local materials under optimum moisture to produce a brick that cuts costs by 50 per cent, has a lower environmental footprint and speeds up construction. The homes are built by and for women, with the project offering women a route out of poverty through jobs, financial Inclusion and affordable homes. Smart Havens Africa aims to get low income women out of the rental trap by providing them with a secure, affordable home to bring up children and the key tools for a financially secure future that allows the whole family to flourish.

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