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01 October 2021 – 31 March 2022
    People and turbine in the river

    How do you pump water using only water?

    Lack of access to cost-effective irrigation
    Environmentally-friendly, low-cost water-powered pumps
    • Agriculture
    • Netherlands
    • Nepal
    • Turbine in the river
      About the company

      To address the need for access to cost-effective irrigation, aQysta has developed an innovative Barsha Pump, which only uses the energy from flowing water sources such as rivers or canals to lift water without using any fuel or electricity, resulting in zero operating costs and zero pollution. aQysta has developed a unique EASI-Pay model for implementing Barsha pumps, where farmers pay for the irrigation service with the Barsha pump over time, after they have earned revenue from their harvest.

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