Visiting Dubai

    Useful information and tips for international travellers

    Making the most of your trip

    A city of ceaseless innovation and boundless aspiration, Dubai is today the world's 4th most visited destination. Here you'll find iconic tourist attractions, unparalleled shopping, pristine beaches, cultural gems, gastronomic delights, pulse-racing adventures, tranquil deserts, state-of-the-art business facilities and so much more - all whilst enjoying year round sunshine. Whether you're a first- time visitor or a regular to these shores, you'll always have more to discover and it's always helpful to get yourself updated with the city and everything you can look forward to. The Visit Dubai website is the official guide to the city, offering a comprehensive go to resource for everything you want to know about planning your trip to the city.

    • Things to do in Dubai

      A rundown of the city's must-visit tourist attractions.

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    • Keeping kids entertained in Dubai

      Twelve activities to delight the young ones - and the grown-ups too.

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    • Our guide to the best beaches in Dubai

      Eat, play and unwind at Dubai’s best public beaches.

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    • Shop Dubai's best souks

      Discover Dubai’s shopping heritage at the city’s top Arabian markets.

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    • Discover Dubai’s Old Town

      Uncover history, heritage and great food

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    • Essential guide to Dubai

      The perfect place to start for international visitors.

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    • UAE visa and entry information

      Find out the different types of visa you can obtain and more to make your journey as smooth as possible.

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    • Getting to Dubai

      However you're planning to travel, these handy suggestions will help you along the way.

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    • Getting around Dubai

      Whether by metro, bicycle, bus or taxi - there are plenty of ways to see the city once you're here.

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