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    Inclusive and sustainable service delivery

    It’s time to level the playing field. From solar energy to the internet, safe water to recycling, be inspired by those who are working to transform the lives of communities through reliable service provisions. Their innovations make a difference everywhere from urban areas to refugee settlements.

    See what our Global Call projects have been up to

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      20,000 Suns, Barefoot College and Hogan Lovells
      These Solar Mamas are bringing light!

      Barefoot College trains illiterate and semi-literate women to become solar engineers, empowering them to bring electricity and education to their villages.

      Barefoot College website
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      Drones Programme, UNICEF
      Vaccines via drone delivery

      UNICEF's drones deliver vital medical supplies in a matter of minutes to remote communities through humanitarian drone corridors.

      UNICEF website
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      Dispensers for Safe Water, Evidence Action
      Have a sip, it’s safe to drink

      Evidence Action installs and maintains chlorine dispensers, delivering access to safe water to 4 million residents of rural, Sub-Saharan Africa.

      Evidence Action website
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      Big Box, Jangala
      Bringing Wi-Fi to those in need

      Jangala’s Big Box is a lightweight, briefcase-sized device that transforms any form of internet connectivity into Wi-Fi that is easy to manage and scale, from tens to thousands of users.

      Jangala website
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      Harnessing the sun for water disinfection

      WADI is a UV-measurement device that indicates when the UV radiation of the sun has made contaminated water in PET-bottles safe to drink.

      HELIOZ website

    Find out about the projects from our Untold Stories

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      3-D Printed Homes, New Story
      Building homes, strengthening communities

      New Story’s 3-D printed homes are designed around schools and play areas, stand the test of time and disaster, and provide a safe, clean space for families.

      New Story website
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      Sanitation Programme, Sanergy
      Converting waste from urban slums

      Sanergy’s affordable sanitation products are franchised to community members who professionally collect waste from slums and then convert it into organic fertiliser and insect based animal feed.

      Sanergy website
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      The Angaza Activator & Hub, Angaza
      Switching from kerosene to clean energy

      Angaza’s solar lighting systems and solar water pumps make it affordable to power rural, off-grid homes around the world through flexible payment plans using pay-as-you-go technology platforms.

      Angaza website
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      The EkoLakay Programme, SOIL
      From waste to reusable resources

      SOIL’s EkoLakay programme turns waste into rich, organic compost by providing cost-effective household sanitation collection services in some of the most impoverished urban communities in Haiti.

      SOIL website
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      Carbon Funding for Widespread Adoption of Improved Cookstoves, Instituto Perene
      Out with the old, smoky stoves

      By subsidising the cost with revenue from the sale of carbon credits, Instituto Perene has enabled 26,000+ people across 491 communities to make meals using efficient cookstoves.

      Instituto Perene website
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