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    Resilient habitats

    It's good to be prepared for change. From climate change to civil war, communities can cope better with challenges and adversity through the adoption and implementation of resilience measures to protect their human, economic and natural assets.

    See what our Global Call projects have been up to

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      Building a green refugee camp, Land Life Company
      Strengthening communities with sustainable living

      Land Life Company has provided environmentally sustainable shelters and cooking alternatives at a refugee camp, while protecting the environment through reforestation.

      Land Life Company website
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      Conservation Cooperatives, Planet Indonesia
      A community-led approach to conservation

      Planet Indonesia is a community-led organisation, working to conserve vulnerable ecosystems through village-led partnerships in rural communities.

      Planet Indonesia website
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      Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
      Peaceful cross-border and inter-community coexistence

      The FAO aims to achieve food security for all by facilitating peaceful inter-community coexistence through cross-border resource sharing mechanisms, livestock coordination and natural resource management.

      FAO website
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      The Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project, Seacology
      Communities work to conserve mangroves

      Seacology trained almost 12,000 women and young people in Sri Lanka about sustainable livelihoods and microloans in exchange for their leadership in community mangrove conservation co-operatives.

      Seacology website
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      Vulnerable in Vietnam, The Buoyant Foundation
      Enhancing flood resilience

      The Buoyant Foundation Project at the University of Waterloo promotes sustainable flood mitigation strategies like ‘Amphibious Housing’, where homes can float up on rising water during a flood.

      The Buoyant Foundation Project website

    Find out about the projects from our Untold Stories

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      The Yaeda Valley Project, Carbon Tanzania
      Guaranteeing real forest conservation solutions

      Carbon Tanzania is a social enterprise that has overturned conventional landscape conservation in East Africa with its innovative business approach to protecting forests and wildlife.

      Carbon Tanzania website
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      UN-Habitat in collaboration with Accra Metropolitan Assembly and European Commission
      Addressing sustainable urbanisation

      This collaborative project between the community and local government improves the living conditions of poorer urban residents by creating public spaces and paving streets, and providing services like sanitation and waste disposal.

      UN Habitat website
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      The Pendeba Society of the Tibet Autonomous Region
      Safeguarding a National Nature Preserve

      The Pendeba Society works on projects that enhance vocational education within local communities, empower local women and strengthen civil society.

      Pendeba Society website
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      Yunnan Green Watershed Management Research and Promotion Centre
      Sustainable watershed management

      Green Watershed has been helping the indigenous Naxi people who were displaced by the 1998 Lashihai dam project. They are a model of indigenous self-organisation and participatory watershed management.

      Green Watershed website (Japanese)
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      Ridge to Reef Conservation, TRCT
      Improving sustainable terrestrial and marine management

      Tamil Resources Conservation Trust (TRCT) promotes ridge-to-reef conservation by effectively managing natural resources, from planting trees to harvesting sea cucumbers.

      TRCT website
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