World Wildlife Day | Expo 2020 Dubai
    calendar 3 Mar 2020

    Expo celebrates world’s flora, fauna

    Specialist schedule on World Wildlife Day 2021 includes high-level gathering of leading philanthropists, experts and artists, to explore and propose recommendations on improving global conservation efforts

    A specialist programming and events schedule at Expo 2020 Dubai on World Wildlife Day 2021, in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the United Nations Environmental Programme, will shine a light on a variety of major wildlife conservation and biodiversity initiatives.

    UN World Wildlife Day falls on 3 March every year and is widely recognised as the most important global annual event dedicated to supporting the planet’s flora and fauna.

    With this in mind, World Wildlife Day 2021 will be celebrated as one of a number international days that Expo 2020 will commemorate during its six-month run. The theme of World Wildlife Day 2020 is ‘Sustaining all life on earth’.

    Events on 3 March 2021 include a high-level gathering that will bring together leading philanthropists, experts and artists – all committed to wildlife conservation – to explore and put forward recommendations on how to bolster wildlife conservation efforts internationally.

    This will be supported by Expo 2020 international participant initiatives that will showcase individual projects, highlighting their contributions to protecting the planet’s biodiversity.

    Programming will include emotive story telling about key conservation projects, with participating countries set to retell traditional stories and folktales that feature wildlife.

    A kaleidoscope projection – a series of unique images that have been provided by the UN Environment Programme – will also be displayed across Expo’s buildings and screens to emphasise the beauty of wildlife and the importance of its preservation.

    Expo 2020’s efforts on World Wildlife Day 2021 mirror its wider sustainability efforts, both locally and globally.

    Expo Live, Expo 2020’s USD 100 million global innovation and partnership programme, is supporting the next generation of social innovators who are tackling global sustainability challenges. Approximately one-third of the 120 Global Innovators under the programme’s Innovation Impact Grant Programme focus on sustainability.
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