Project You goes from university project to start-up after Expo Live support

    Now a fully-fledged Dubai company, winning idea helps lift students’ confidence and self-awareness

    With ambitious aims that stretch way beyond the six months of Expo 2020 Dubai, the impact of the Middle East’s first World Expo is already being felt at grass roots level.

    Project You, a youth-run mentorship and guidance programme supported by Expo 2020’s innovation and partnership programme, has recently obtained its trade licence and plans to roll out across 12 schools in the next six months.

    The project, now a fully-fledged Dubai company, helps develop emotional intelligence and soft skills among school students in the UAE and GCC with the aim of improving confidence and self-awareness among young people.

    Project You flourished after its founders, university students Hend Mahmoud Al Rais and Abdulmatheen Yousuf, used funding from the first cycle of Expo Live’s University Innovation Programme (UIP) to run a four-week pilot project at local UAE schools.

    A huge success, the pilot enabled the duo to better understand the core issues affecting students and their personal development. They are now developing a four-year programme and a summer programme to run in parallel with the secondary school curriculum and establishing a ‘Report Card of the Future’ initiative.

    Beyond the event itself, Expo 2020 Dubai aims to have a positive influence on the world and impact people’s lives for the better. With this in mind, Expo Live is providing funding, guidance and exposure to social innovators who are helping change lives and entire communities.

    The University Innovation Programme, one of Expo Live’s key initiatives, offers further research and/or development grants of up to AED 50,000 to students who have generated viable solutions to real-world problems.
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