How Germany is creating a better future with worms and fruit juice

    Discover three of the nation’s pioneering sustainability projects that will be on show at Expo 2020

    Solar-powered concrete, superconductors and earthworms are among the diverse topics that visitors to the Germany Pavilion can explore, with each offering a fascinating insight into a more sustainable future.

    Construction work began on ‘Campus Germany’ with a groundbreaking ceremony in Expo 2020 Dubai’s Sustainability District. Afterwards Dietmar Schmitz, Commissioner General of the Germany Pavilion, and his team presented three exhibits that will wow visitors from 20 October next year.

    Each initiative exemplifies German-made innovation, such as a project which began with an unlikely series of experiments that involved pouring fruit juice onto concrete. From there, the team from the University of Kassel developed a system that turns the components of concrete into mini-power stations.

    This novel method of generating solar power uses commercially available parts and leaves behind no toxic emissions, creating a low-cost energy source with a wealth of potential applications.

    Visitors can discover more about the technology in the pavilion’s Future City Lab, which will also showcase the world’s only superconductor that is already integrated into grid operations.

    The AmpaCity project in the city of Essen builds on the work of Nobel Prize-winning German physicist Georg Bednorz, enabling large volumes of electricity to be transported with almost no loss.

    One cable can replace up to five traditional high-voltage lines and fewer substations are required, freeing up urban space and signposting an eco-friendly energy supply of the future.

    The EcoWorm research project will be highlighted in the pavilion’s Biodiversity Lab, exploring the complex relationship between worms and the environment and how each depends on the other.

    Through futuristic climate chambers called ‘EcoUnits’, researchers hope to unlock answers that will advance our understanding of the soil ecosystem and, in turn, how we can better preserve our planet.

    Supporting yesterday’s groundbreaking ceremony, Germany also went live with its dedicated Expo 2020 website. The nation’s pavilion will have a campus theme, with visitors ‘enrolling’ for an eye-opening sustainability journey assisted by a state-of-the-art digital companion hidden in their name badge.

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