Surprising, fun, fascinating, unique…discover a new world of #ExpoWow experiences

    Thirty reasons why Expo 2020 Dubai will be a one-of-a-kind celebration (and there are plenty more to come)

    Want a glimpse of the unforgettable experiences that await you at Expo 2020 Dubai? Then check out the new #ExpoWow hashtag.

    So far, we’ve posted 30 short videos on Twitter – covering everything from space odysseys, deep-sea adventures and operatic firsts to exercise gaming, kaleidoscopic fantasy gardens and the future of travel.

    One for each day in April, the posts show the diverse reasons why Expo 2020 will be an unmissable 173 days of fun starting from 20 October 2020.

    And there will be many more #ExpoWow moments to come, including innovative tech, special celebrations, eye-catching designs, quirky journeys, world-class entertainment, global culture and delicious F&B.

    So keep your eyes on Expo 2020’s website and social media channels to stay updated on how our once-in-a-lifetime celebration will unfold.

    Click here to see all the #ExpoWow experiences revealed so far.
    • calendar 21 May 2019
      Expo Story
      Building excitement: the Expo site takes a major leap forward

      Construction is complete on the Thematic Districts, offering an evocative glimpse into the good times that await at Expo 2020.

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    • calendar 16 May 2019
      Expo Story
      What’s on the menu at Expo 2020 Dubai?

      Culinary tours, famous chefs, gourmet dishes, futuristic food tech, street bites, fusion dishes…and that’s just for starters

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    • calendar 08 May 2019
      Expo Story
      What’s involved in an Expo pavilion?

      From construction to queuing, souvenir sales to waste management, there is a lot to consider when preparing an exceptional Expo pavilion

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    • calendar 06 May 2019
      Expo Story
      Lionel Messi chases fresh goals in a new Expo 2020 Dubai short film

      The Expo 2020 global ambassador plays a planet-wide game of keep-ups to show how the world is better when we act together

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