Let there be light: France starts work on ‘Lumière, Lumières’ pavilion

    France breaks ground on its enlightening pavilion, a symbol for sharing ideas and innovation

    France has taken the next step towards presenting a bright, artistic and illuminating vision of its future at Expo 2020 Dubai, starting construction on its light-inspired pavilion less than two months after unveiling the design in Paris.

    An oasis from which a canopy of light emerges, the pavilion, titled ‘Lumière, Lumières’ (‘Light, Lights’), will feature Claude Monet-inspired solar panels, interactive light displays that respond to the movement of visitors and four formal French gardens.

    It will be topped by two artificial ‘skies’, between which sits a lounge bar that opens onto a terrace with panoramic views of the Mobility Pavilion and Expo 2020 skyline.

    The groundbreaking was attended by a delegation that included France’s Transport Minister, Élisabeth Borne, who said the pavilion would demonstrate how digital technology and innovation could be used to create cities that are smarter, better-connected and more pleasant to inhabit.

    Light as an enabler of progress is at the heart of the pavilion, which will cover an area of more than 4,200 sqm. In recognition of the innovation displayed throughout, the French postal service is set to issue a special postage stamp in Paris in June 2020.
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