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20 October 2020 - 10 April 2021
    Messi - Expo 2020 Dubai

    Lionel Messi chases fresh goals in a new Expo 2020 Dubai short film

    The Expo 2020 global ambassador plays a planet-wide game of keep-ups to show how the world is better when we act together

    Lionel Messi’s dazzling skills help to spread a message of unity and collaboration via the medium of football in a new short film that kicks off his debut campaign as an Expo 2020 Dubai global ambassador.

    The 60-second video – shot in the UAE, India, the UK and Kenya – shows Messi starting (and cheekily finishing) a planet-wide game of keep-ups with a culturally diverse cast, breaking down barriers en route.

    Messi juggles a football at the Expo 2020 site before passing on the mantle to his teammates across a variety of international landscapes. Together, he and his fellow players use the universal language of football to keep the ball airborne in athletic style, showing how the world is better when we act together.

    The world-famous footballer was appointed Expo 2020 global ambassador in 2016, supporting Expo’s goals to leave a lasting impact on the path of human progress, build a better future and commit to positive change.

    As well as specialising in goals on the pitch, he also chases them off the pitch through his roles as a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocate and UNICEF (UN Children’s Fund) Goodwill Ambassador.

    Messi has won a record-tying five Ballon d'Or awards for the world’s best football player and a record five European Golden Shoes for scoring the most goals in a season.

    The film was created by a team of various nationalities and the music was composed with an Arabic melody and a call for togetherness in African lyrics. As part of the initiative, Expo 2020 will also pass 2,020 durable footballs to children in Jordan, Kenya and the Philippines, totalling 6,060 balls.

    The balls represent Expo 2020’s aim to facilitate collaboration and the strengthening of ties within communities, while spreading happiness.

    It is all part of the exciting build-up to the big match: the first whistle is blown to start 173 days of fun when Expo 2020 Dubai kicks off in October 2020, the first World Expo to take place in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region.

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