Thematic Districts

    Turkmenistan readies an equine-inspired experience

    Akhal-Teke horses will accompany you on a journey through the nation’s culture

    A fountain sculpture featuring majestic Akhal-Teke horses will greet visitors to the Turkmenistan Pavilion, as will a 50m LED façade depicting the Central Asian country’s natural and historical attractions.

    Native to Turkmenistan and symbolising national pride, the horses will play a prominent role in a pavilion experience that promises to immerse the five senses. Images of five white horses will be projected onto the walls, reflecting the movement of people within the pavilion and accompanying visitors through an interactive three-sided hologram.

    The journey will guide visitors from a colourful visual show to a space that highlights the nation’s agricultural connections via elements representing wheat, cotton and wind – with a digital ‘crop’ moving and growing as it responds to touch.

    Turkmenistan will showcase its heritage and modern achievements, alongside the country’s spiritual dimensions, development priorities, international ties and its progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

    The nation is also planning to exhibit Turkmen goods and develop a programme of cultural and business events at Expo 2020 Dubai, a six-month celebration that will welcome 192 countries and millions of visitors to the UAE from 20 October 2020.
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