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    Indoor rain and multifunctional mushrooms: welcome to a new world of Dutch farming

    The Netherlands Pavilion is prioritising sustainability inside and out, with a circular climate system and locally sourced building materials

    A mushroom grown in the Netherlands Pavilion could be used for anything from nutrition to construction – such is the level of innovation in the country’s Expo 2020 Dubai design.

    Building work has started on the pavilion, located in the Sustainability District, which will generate food, water and energy in a circular fashion and incorporate a cone-shaped vertical farm.

    The structure will create its own indoor rainfall via the cutting-edge Dutch technology SunGlacier, producing water from desert air via solar power to irrigate crops and wow visitors.

    Research is underway to explore how mushrooms grown inside the pavilion can be used in building materials, such as floor and wall tiles, as well as in the nation’s F&B offering.

    To minimise the environmental impact during construction, the interior will be constructed entirely from rented materials that will be returned to local industries post-Expo. Smart lighting from the Netherlands will be used to further reduce the carbon footprint.

    As part of the groundbreaking ceremony, Dutch Commissioner-General Hans Sandee presented a bottle of water harvested from air to Najeeb Mohammed Al-Ali, Executive Director, Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau – symbolising innovation and connection.

    The Netherlands is one of 192 nations to have confirmed its participation in Expo 2020, an unmissable six-month celebration and the largest event ever staged in the Arab world.

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