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20 October 2020 - 10 April 2021
    Expo 2020 | Sweden Pavilion groundbreaking ceremony

    Tree planting marks Swedish pavilion groundbreaking

    Work starts on ‘The Forest’ following unorthodox groundbreaking ceremony

    Fusing dense Nordic woodland and Arabic geometric design is Sweden’s ‘The Forest’ country pavilion, built entirely from wood under the theme of ‘Co-Creation for Innovation’ in Expo 2020’s Sustainability District.

    Work on the pavilion officially started on 8 October following a groundbreaking ceremony which saw Anna Hallberg, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Trade, plant trees instead of breaking ground with a shovel.

    Under the theme ‘Co-Creation for Innovation”, Sweden’s pavilion – ‘The Forest’ – consists of five themes: next generation travel and transport, smart cities, circular and bio-based economy, life science, and connected industries and new materials.

    During the ceremony, Minister Hallberg cited the Nordic nation’s strong focus on combining innovative solutions with sustainable practices as being the main reason for building the Swedish pavilion in Expo 2020’s Sustainability District.

    It is designed by a team of three agencies from three different countries – Alessandro Ripellino Architects, Studio Adrien Gardère and Luigi Pardo Architetti – in a testament to the country’s co-creation theme.

    Minister Hallberg said the decision to build the pavilion – designed to promote Sweden as a world-class partner and location for trade, investment and tourism – in a renewable material is “completely in line with Swedish priorities” and Expo 2020’s “strong climate focus”.
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