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20 October 2020 - 10 April 2021
    Sri Lanka Pavilion - Expo 2020 Dubai

    Building a bright future: the student talent behind nine Expo 2020 pavilions

    Expo 2020 celebrates youth ingenuity as it reveals nine Country Pavilions designed by students

    You don’t have to be a globally renowned designer or a famous ‘starchitect’ to create an experience capable of engaging and inspiring millions at The World’s Greatest Show.

    Proof that given the right opportunity innovation and ingenuity can come from anywhere, nine countries from around the world have unveiled Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions designed by young, emerging student talent.

    As the innovators and thought leaders of tomorrow, engaging and involving youth, expanding their horizons, and empowering them to help build a better future for us all, is central to Expo 2020 Dubai and its legacy.

    Teams of students from the nine countries researched their nation’s history, national priorities and development challenges to create their pavilion designs before working alongside Expo 2020 to bring them to life.

    From the futuristic laboratory that is the San Marino Pavilion, where visitors can take part in building the country’s future, to experiencing Malawi through the inspiring story of a young child, each offers unique and impactful insights into its country, culture and progress.

    The wide array of student disciplines – from design and art, to economics, technology and sustainability – is reflected in the diverse pavilion designs and experiences, and cements Expo 2020 Dubai’s core vision of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

    Take the dynamic Sri Lanka Pavilion, for example, which will portray the country’s adaptability and ability to transform challenges into opportunities through a sense of flowing water; or the Myanmar Pavilion that takes visitors on a quiet, spiritual journey and promotes a value-based lifestyle.

    With the inspiring theme of ‘open for business’, the young designers of the Zimbabwe Pavilion are eyeing a brighter future – portraying their nation as an untapped jewel of Africa, rapidly diversifying into new areas of growth.

    The enchanting ‘spice isle’ of Grenada will introduce its flourishing chocolate and nutmeg industries with a stunning abstract nutmeg sculpture, while Djibouti’s funky shipping container-style pavilion presents the country as a land of trade, tourism and technology.

    Nature, culture and history are at the heart of the multi-sensory Saint Kitts and Nevis Pavilion – designed by secondary school students – where visitors will be able to see, touch, taste, smell and hear the secrets of the islands, before ‘walking through water’ at the colourful Suriname Pavilion which explores the country’s nature-based beauty and health products.

    While young designers are the brains behind these nine pavilions, Expo 2020 Dubai continues to support all participants in their mission to create innovative and impactful pavilions that tell their stories to the millions of visitors expected to attend The World’s Greatest Show.
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