CityZen 2030

How can we create better cities and
happier, stronger and more sustainable
communities for our common future?


School students from across the UAE have contributed to the global development agenda by engaging in a meaningful conversation about the future of cities at Expo 2020 Dubai’s first Next Gen World Majlis.

8 billion possibilities

How can the power of innovation
and the human spirit enable more
people to create their own future
in a growing world population?


As part of Expo 2020 Dubai’s first international World Majlis session, global change-makers and aspiring thought leaders gathered in New York City to have an open conversation about how technology can help us to provide opportunity for all, how we can collectively address obstacles to opportunity, and how timeless values can help us to find meaning in our own lives.

Sustainability through new eyes

Finding a balance between lessons from the past and innovations of the future


One of today’s biggest challenges is to reconcile the need to expand opportunities for a growing population while ensuring that humanity continues to thrive on a healthy and happy planet. Major questions that emerged from the conversation:

  • - Are we developing and using technology that benefits humanity, the Earth and all of its lifeforms?
  • - How can we give young people the freedom to search for truth in knowledge and science?
  • - How can we design future products and systems that minimise waste and inefficiency?

Aligning clock speeds

Transformations in technology, government and society


The pendulums of technology, government and society swing at different speeds.

Technology innovation is faster than that of society and, in turn, changes within society are often ahead of government.

Technologies with systemic impacts on people and communities also advance more rapidly than our ability to truly grasp their implications and to weigh short-term benefits against long-term concerns (or vice-versa).

Connecting Education and Opportunity

Connecting Education and Opportunity in the 4th Industrial Revolution


In our changing world shaped by the 4th industrial revolution, what is the link between education and opportunity?

We live in a world of change where technology and digital transformation will soon impact us all. The 4th industrial revolution, which promises to further automate services and intellectual activities, is challenging how we learn, work and live.