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    Go Raymi - Expo Live
    Think of Ecuador and you probably conjure up images of the wildlife of the Amazon or perhaps the Galapagos islands. The country certainly has no shortage of attractions, which is why many people opt for organised tours that take in the same high-profile spots each trip.

    It can be a daunting task to seek out your own authentic experiences when visiting a foreign country, but GoRaymi is making it easy for tourists, breathing new life into small towns and traditional businesses by promoting them on their online marketplace. There, visitors are presented with countless options of unique experiences, and can easily tailor their trip to suit their lifestyle.

    Eco tourists might consider visiting somewhere like the Yaku Runa ecological community in the delightfully named Mother Earth parish, where they conserve traditional medicinal plants. Those looking to learn a new skill might try their hand at pottery at José Encalada’s workshop, using clay from the Sinincay mines. Whatever a person’s preferences, they are able to enjoy immersive experiences with genuine Ecuadorians.

    Funding from an Expo Live Innovation Impact Grant is enabling GoRaymi to make the necessary expansions to their technical infrastructure to promote the hidden gems of Ecuador to a wider audience.

    Not only does the service provide a valuable inflow of money for Ecuadorians, helping to preserve their way of life, it also offers a more fulfilling experience for the visitors and a glimpse into the real lives and culture of Ecuador.