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    World Majlis - Expo 2020 Dubai
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      Tackling the challenges of the 21st century

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      Welcoming diverse voices from around the world

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      Generating new perspectives and connections

    Since the first Great Exhibition held in London in 1851, World Expos have been a special place for bringing together inquisitive minds interested in questions about the future and, in so doing, learning more about each other. Expo 2020 Dubai has proudly been continuing this practice by merging it with the long-established Emirati and Arab tradition of the majlis.

    • World Majlis
      World Majlis

      Explore a series of exciting conversations inspired by the theme of Expo 2020 Dubai. The World Majlis is a vibrant forum where diverse points of views are shared on important topics of our time. Each conversation brings together 8 to 10 globally recognised thought-leaders who are invited for their exceptional contributions to the theme and their unique perspective on the topic. In each Majlis, students and members of the public are also welcome to contribute and engage.

    • Human and Planetary Health | World Majlis
      Next Gen World Majlis

      Discover the point of view of high-school and university students, as they talk about themes that impact all our futures. The Next Gen World Majlis enriches the World Majlis programme by providing the perspective of young people during and after Expo 2020.

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      Women’s World Majlis

      Engage in a series of conversations that focus on vital women’s issues presented in collaboration with the Women’s Pavilion. The Women’s World Majlis focuses on women’s perspectives at the heart of each of the Expo thematic weeks.


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    Majlis mondial : Les essais

    Majlis mondial : Les essais sont une série de quatre volumes illustrés qui développent les idées du Majlis mondial. Certains des penseurs et leaders d’opinion les plus célébrés de notre époque y partagent leurs propres réflexions et pensées, et développent les questions clés et les idées importantes qui ont émergé des conversations du Majlis mondial.
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