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    Expo 2020's exciting national engagement programme
    Reflecting the UAE’s deep rooted tradition of hospitality, and drawing on the Arabic word for ‘welcome’, #Hayyakum2020 is all about accelerating excitement and providing opportunities for everyone to be part of the Expo story.

    Because in October 2020, millions of people from around the globe will be arriving in the UAE for the first World Expo ever to take place in our region, on the eve of the nation’s Golden Jubilee.

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell our story to the world and show them the very best that we have to offer.

    Are you ready to say ‘hayyakum’?
    Show your #Hayyakum2020 spirit

    From flags and posters, to stickers and frames, the #Hayyakum2020 Digital Toolkit is full of fun ways for you to get creative and show your support.

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    Be part of the Expo story

    #Hayyakum2020 includes a range of ways for everyone – from families and students to businesses and government entities – to be part of Expo 2020.

    Get a sneak peek at the site, enjoy family festivals in communities across the emirates and connect with Expo 2020 in your homes, schools and offices.

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