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    Arts and Culture

    From Al Wasl Opera to a diverse range of installations, artistic creations, workshops and performances, you’ll be engulfed in a realm of contemporary creativity.

    Explore a vibrant artistic and cultural scene

      Immerse your senses in Al Wasl Opera

      Combining Emirati and global talent, Al Wasl Opera will bring to life the UAE’s rich history and share its innovative spirit with the world.

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    • Design and Crafts Programme
      Challenging the perception of design & crafts in the UAE

      Celebrating the future of UAE design through the eyes of emerging designers and sensational collaborations with internationally renowned creatives, bringing to the global stage exclusive bespoke designs.

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      Visual perception through the power of imagination

      Cultivate your imagination and critical thinking. Experience substantial contemporary artworks crafted by visionary and leading artists, bringing Ibn al Haytham's vision to life.

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    Detail of Alien Technology, 2019, Monira Al Qadiri. Fiberglass and automotive paint, 300 x 300 x 250 cm. Part of Future Generation Art Prize - Venice (2019), Palazzo Ca’Tron, Venice, Italy. Commissioned by Pinchuk Art Center.
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