Remaining Time

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    Get to know Rashid and Latifa as they embark on an exciting new journey led by Salama the Ghaf tree, while discovering Expo 2020 Dubai and meeting new friends.
    When you need to save the world, don’t get an adult to do a kid’s job.
    With the fate of planet Earth hanging in the balance, it’s up to Rashid and Latifa to save the day. Under the watchful eye of Salama, the wise and powerful Ghaf tree, they must unlock the ancient secrets needed to secure a brighter future before it’s too late. But don’t worry, they’re not alone. With the help of the super robot guardians, Opti, Alif and Terra, they can take on any challenge as they embark on a journey through time and space at Expo 2020 Dubai.
    Ghaf tree
    The wise ghaf tree Salama

    If each of her leaves could speak, they would fill the wind with magnificent tales. A beacon of life against the vast barren desert, Salama, the wise and powerful Ghaf tree, has been a place of refuge for travellers for countless years. Her branches bore witness to the formation of the UAE and now it is time for her to pass the knowledge on to the next generation. Now it’s up to Rashid and Latifa to complete Salama’s challenges and unlock her ancient secrets.

    Watch the story of Salama
    “If you watch the stars, they’ll show you the story of our ancestors”

    Nine-year-old Rashid might have his head in the clouds, but when it comes to saving the environment, there’s no one more grounded. His younger sister Latifa might be better at science and technology, but Rashid would much rather pitch a tent in the desert, stare into the night sky and imagine himself soaring among the stars. Rashid also adores family stories and has memorised tales that have been passed down through the generations.
    “If you can imagine it, then build it”

    If you think eight years old is too young to make a difference, then you clearly haven’t met Latifa. The next Einstein in the making, when Latifa isn’t making fun of her older brother, she’s reinventing the world around her. Passionate about science and technology, she doesn’t believe in the word ‘impossible’ and never accepts ‘no’ for answer – even when Rashid thinks she probably should. Always racing to take on the next challenge, if you can’t keep up with her, then you’ll definitely get left behind.
    Alif is definitely the leader of the guardians – or at least he thinks so. But one thing’s for sure, in terms of getting you where you need to go, he can’t be beat. Whether you’re digging to the core of the Earth or surfing stardust on cosmic waves, this shapeshifting robot will take you there.

    Explore the Mobility Pavilion
    You might only get a few golden opportunities in an entire lifetime – unless you’re friends with Opti. Wherever this friendly robot’s little wheels take him, opportunity and hope follow closely behind. But don’t be fooled by his diminutive stature, because laying in his core is a portal through space and time.

    Discover the Opportunity Pavilion
    The sharpest and smartest of the guardians, you definitely don’t want to get on Terra’s bad side – especially when she turns invisible. Always ready with a witty retort, it may take a little while for her to warm to you, but once she does, she’ll be your fiercest and most loyal guide. It’s this same loyalty that she uses to protect nature and instantly unearth its deepest secrets.

    See the Sustainability Pavilion

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