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    Bahrain Pavilion

    Bahrain Pavilion

    Focusing on density as an enabler of opportunities

    • Bahrain Pavilion

      Exploring how Bahrain’s geography has defined its development. With limited land available, Bahrain has always evolved, encouraging trade, entrepreneurship and innovation – some of its main strengths.

    Bahrain quick facts

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      Cultural heritage

      Bahrain has three registered UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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      Spring water

      Bahrain derives its name from the springs of sweet water that spill into the sea, giving a special lustre to Bahrain’s pearls

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      Population density

      Bahrain ranks high on the list of most dense countries, with approximately 2,052 inhabitants per square kilometre

    • Bahrain Pavilion

      Bahrain is home to a rich pearl diving culture. For centuries, Bahrain was the Arabian Gulf’s pearling capital, with the active and prosperous city of Muharraq serving as a base for the largest number of pearl divers and fleet of pearling vessels. Occupying nearly 35,000 hectares and populated by over a billion oysters, Bahrain’s oyster beds are also home to diverse marine species such as corals, anemones, sea stars and fish.

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